Fraser Lions get involved with many projects in  Hervey  Bay. 
There is always something happening.
Coming Events include:
Fraser Lions Events
So far we have done this many
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Hervey Bay
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For information on any event or project send an email to:

Whale Festival:  There are more Whale festival events but these are the events with which Fraser Lions are formally involved.
When Where What Hours Members+Others
July 2017 All Club Events Touch Football Carnival, Meat Raffles Kondari, Susage Sizzle Harvey Norman, Sausage Sizzle Bunnings 310 73
August 2017 All Club Events  15 Driving Elderley People, Eyeglasses collections, Meals on Wheels, Seafood Festival, Whale Festival, Event Coordinators hours for both events, Meat Raffles Kondari Resort, Lion Mints sales, Preparation club bulletin, VMR Day, Driving Elderley at Torbay, Planting Trees 713 154
September 2017 All Club Events  14 Collection of Eyeglasses, FM207.5, Pier Festival, Meat Raffles Kondari Resort, Meals on Wheels, Bayside Transformations,
Lonsdale House, Sale of Lions Mints 
690 72
October 2017 All Club Events Driving disabled persons, District Convention attendance, Meals on Wheels, Leukemia Foundation Sausage Sizzle, Swimming Club BBQ, Mint Sales, Meat Raffle sales, Repairs to Santa Sleigh, Pier Markets, Relay for Life, Updete of website, Town & Country Community Options, Lonsdale House, Radion Stn FM107,5. 654 121
November 2017 All Club Events Cleaning Garden areas, Driving Bus for Elderley, TCCO, Riding for Disabled, Meals on Wheels, Life Flight Presentation, Collection of Eyeglasses, Selling Xmas cakes on Sleigh, Selling Xmas Cakes in Shop Centres, Making of new Santa Suits, Sales of Lions Mints, Meat Raffle Sales, Cabinet Meeting, Zone meeting attendance, Updating Website, Special School presentation. 657 298
December 2017 All Club Events Christmas Carols in the park, All Abilities Day, Coord of All Abilities Day, Cleanup of BBQ Equipment,
Xmas Cakes Sales Sleigh, Xmas Cake Sales Shopping Centres, Coord of Xmas Cake Sales in Shoppping Centres, Driver Revivier 
1072 261
Januay 2018 All Club Events Meals on Wheels, TCCO, HBDC,Collection of Eyeglasses,Sausage Sizzles, , Lions Mints Sales, Publicity, Meetings, Update of Website, Driver Reviver, YOTY.Bullarama, Xmas Cakes Finalisation, FMRadio. 337 60
February 2018 All Club Events Work at Respite Centre, Collection Eyeglasses, Work at Lonsdale House, Meals on Wheels Deliveries,   Sale of Lions Mints, Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Pier Festival forms,Update of website, Council Meetings, FM Radio, Youth of the Year. 177 25
March 2017 All Club Events Work at Respite Centre, Meals on Wheels, Pier 100 Year Centennial, Sausage Sizzle Harvey Norman,
Sale of Mints, Meat Raffle Sales, TCCO, Youth of the Year 
330 57
April 2017 All Club Events Work at Respite Centre, Burrum Heads Fishing Classic,
Sausage Sizzle Harvey Norman, Meat Raffle Sales, Sale of Mints, Pier 100 Year Centennial, Bowelscan.
409 83
May 2017 All Club Efents Work at Respite Centre, Meals on Wheels,
Sausage Sizzle Harvey Norman, Sale of Lions Mints, Meat Raffle Sales, Bowelscan
127 28
June 2017 All Club Events Collection of Eyeglasses, Meat Raffles at Hotel, Sausage Sizzles, Sale of Lions Mints, Bowelscan meetings, Low Vision Clinics, Lioness Changeover, Update Website, Publicity, Update of History Book, TCCO, Administration  time 228 42
Fraser Lions Coldroom used very frequently
8th March 2018
Meeting Kondari Resort 7pm Nomination
15th March 2018
Board Meeting Boat Club 7pm
22th March 2018
Dinner Meeting Kondari 7pm  Election
23rd March 2018
Plant an Euycalyptus Tree today
31st March 2018
Burrum Fishing Classic all day
1st April  2018
Burrumn Fishing Classic half day
12th April 2018
Dinner Meeting Kondari 7pm
19th April  2018
Board Meeting Den 7pm
26th April  2018
Dinner Meeting Kondari 7pm
10th May 2018
Dinner Meeting Kondari 7pm
13th May 2018
Mothers Day Breakfast
17th May 2018
Board Meeting Boat Club 7pm
24th May 2018
Dinner Meeting Kondari 7pm
Lion Peter Greer showing off his wifes pink  handbag.
Fraser Lions display at over 50s Expo.
22nd February 2018