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A donation from 8 year old Zoe who raised over $1200 through having 39cms of her hair cut for making into specialised wigs for those who have lost their hair to a medical condition such as alopecia.
Care Flight Donation - 2017

PDG Les Crossman presents a cheque for $2000 to Angel Flight pilot Keith Miller March 2019
Speakers - Visitors - Social Events Calendar - as at 17th May 2022

The events in this calendar are provisional. Will be activated if sufficient interest is forthcoming in the leadup to each event.  Lion Bruce Blomeley is the maitre de coordination - contact him for further information.


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You may have an event that could be included - in which case you should always be prepared to co-ordinate it if necessary.









Thu 2nd Jun

Riccardo's Dinner


6:00 for 6:30

Sat 25th Jun

Changeover Dinner


$25 hd. 6:00 pm









Donations to the Hervey Bay Community
February  2021
Kathryn Rodda
Hope In A Suitcase 

An organisation providing initial basic essentials for children being placed in foster care
Colin Power
Podiatrist (chiropodist)

Podiatory - a large part of his long association with Hervey bay and extra-curricular activities in the community.
May  2021

Connor Hume 
Hervey Bay Medieval Re-Enactment Group

Hands-on talk about the "sport" and its activities - how to be involved.
Chain Mail & Breast Plate
Breast Plate & Gloves & Kettle Hat
June 2021: Debbie Butters presented on her volunteering work as a midwife at Anguganak (Sepik region of PNG)
July 2021
Jasine Leslie spoke on the about-to-be-opened  Fraser Coast Hospice at Urraween Rd. Janine told of her four year trek from idea to a completed establishment and how it will be operating.
April 2021
Leon Baldwin
The Hervey Bay Mens Shed.

How the organisation began and why and how it operates.
February  2022