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22nd Sep  2019
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Fraser Lions Pier Festival
Now Waiting for Sunday 27th September 2020
Our precious Urangan Pier was built in 1917 to facilitate the export of coal and sugar. It was originally 1107 metres in length stretching far out to reach the deep water channel where ships were loaded with the bagged sugar transported by steam train right to the end of the jetty.
Today we celebrate the remaining 868 metres of the pier
with the
Fraser Lions Pier Festival now in it's 34th year
The fishing comp starts at 6:00am
Thank You The Boat Club  Fishing & Social Club for a great job with the Fishing Comp

The exports ceased in 1960. The structure was a fisherman's paradise and remained so until it was closed in 1985. The authorities started to demolish it in 1986.  In spite of a strong public outcry 239 metres were lost before demolition was halted.
Fun - Lots of Fun
Food - Lots of Food
Dinosaurs ...

Many Many Stalls Selling Lots of ...
... and much much more!

Including a Fishing Comp ...
see below

Fishing Comp:

The tides are perfect:

   low      1.36 m   at  08:04 am
   high    3.00 m   at    2:48 pm
Remember it starts at 6:00am
    Register from 6:00am at the Pier Fest

The Fun starts at 9:00 am and runs until 2:00 pm
Bring the family - Bring everyone - They will enjoy

Big Fish
and No Fish ??
Little Fish
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