Ocean's Seafood Festival
Sunday 13th August, 2017
This is an event for the connoisseur of seafood and wine.  The Fraser Lions are there to tend to your palate while you enjoy the displays and entertainment.
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Big Day - Be There

The Day was Fine and Fantastic - and lots of people came

to the this year's Seafood Festival

   Now let me tell you about Hervey Bay seafood.....
   Let's line up to get something to eat - Hot Chips!

   Look they're cooking them now!

   We can put Vinegar or Salt or Tomato Sauce or
        BBQ Sauce on them.

   Then we can find somewhere to sit amongst all of
        these people.

Delicious Chips at Seafood Festival 2017
Crowd in the fun park section Seafood Festival 2017
Crowd at Seafood Festival 2017
Crowd at Fraser Lions Food Van Seafood Festival 2017
Bar Area Seafood Festival 2017
Stalls on the roadside at Seafood Festival 2017
Customers waiting to be served delicious chips By Fraser Lions 
Fraser Lions member Wayne Stokes & Hugh Maxwell cooking chips all day for customers.