Santa has traded in his old sleigh for a bright new
Silver one - and he gets to sit in the front seat of the airconditioned vehicle too !!!!
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Lawrie on 0448.358.289
or      Ian on  4124.0165
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Rich dark fruitcake with 50% fruit - made by Westons in Brisbane

Selling right to your door - that's called free home delivery !!
  Cakes:    $16   for a 1.5 kg model    - Order now!
$12   for a 1 kg    model   - Order Now!
$12 for a 900gm model   - Order Now!

A big
thank you to the people in Hervey Bay who bought 2,560 cakes and puddings in 2016 which has provided a boost to the Lions Medical Research facility in Brisbane and also provided Fraser Lions with funds for local community projects
..... the latest in santa sleighs
Start of new Santa Sleigh 2016