Rich dark fruitcake with 50% fruit - baked in Australia
     Cakes:   $20  1.5 kg  model   
                  $16  1 kg     model 
                  $ 2   80gm  slice 
  Pudding:   $16 900gm model  
Lions Christmas Cakes
Perfect Gift   and  Thank You
at Christmas for:

Friends and Neighbours
Business Clients and Staff
... or that deserving person
who is always there for you
Also selling at selected shops and businesses

For Orders and Information

Graham   0418 880 076
Lorraine   0427 141 945


Every last dollar from this fundraising venture
is used to support our Hervey Bay Community
and National & International Lions projects
Blindness Prevention and Vision improvement projects,
Medical Research, Children’s Mobility Foundation,
Eye Health Program, Hearing Dogs, Disaster Relief, Aged Care &  More ...